Disposable vape

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Disposable vape

Disposable vape are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for new vapers to quit smoking for good. Their ease of use, often fantastic flavour and Nic Salt e-liquid make switching incredibly hassle free and convenient. Shop leading disposable vape from the Aroma King. Disposable kits are perfect for beginner vapers looking to make the switch from smoking and needing something to directly replace cigarettes. Simply use the kit and dispose, no need to recharge or refill e-liquid

Disposable vape have evolved immensely since its traditional E-cigarette predecessors. Improved technology allows for longer lasting battery life, faultless flavour production and a choice of flavours even we sometimes are bamboozled by. Most commonly found in Nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg, disposables offer a solution for heavier, and lighter smokers. The Nic Salts in these kits allow for smooth throat hits to deliver a sought after vaping experience!

By far the simplest options available, disposable vapes are the ideal choice for new vapers or anyone looking for a compact device that requires zero maintenance. They’re also very popular with existing vapers who use them as a backup for their normal kit, or as a more stealthy solution.

Disposable vapes have come a long way since old-fashioned ecigs. Not only are there more options when it comes to nicotine strength, improved technology means they now last longer and deliver improved vapour production.