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Nicotine free disposable vapes

Aroma King’s Nicotine Free Range with 700+ puffs, our specialised heating technology brings the hookah in a disposable vape that is Nicotine Free and delivers the best flavour in every vape.

0mg Disposable Vapes – Zero Nicotine

0mg Nicotine or nicotine free disposable vapes are relatively new on the market but are increasingly popular. These convenient and easy to use disposable vape pod pens have anywhere between 700-800 puffs and are a great alternative to smoking but without the need for a nicotine hit.

Our zero nicotine disposable vapes are one of our best selling products. The bestselling brand Aroma king comes in a variety of flavour profiles including Apple, Strawberry Lychee, Banana & Blueberry & Raspberry, energy drink, Grape, kiwi and many others.

Who chooses zero nicotine disposable vapes?

The vapers who opt for a nicotine free vapes usually fall into one of two groups. Some are people looking to cut down on their nicotine intake whilst others are people who have never been nicotine users but enjoy the vaping experience and being part of the community.

No nicotine disosable vapes comes in so many flavours now it is easy to find one which suits your taste and it is an easy way of still enjoying your favourite vape without the nicotine hit. If you’re looking to reduce your nicotine intake you can step down the level.