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Kiwi Strawberry – Aroma King – Nicotine free (700+puffs)

700 puffsAroma KingDisposable vapeNicotine free

Awesome flavour combo of strawberries and kiwi in the nicotine-free Aroma King Hookah edition! Hookah in your pocket. This is how the edition of disposable electronic cigarettes from the  Aroma King could be called. This edition will offer several great flavours that will take your breath away! The Hookah edition does not contain nicotine. You can enjoy great flavours without remorse. Disposable e-cigarette cannot be refilled or recharged!

Flavour: strawberry, kiwi
Nicotine content: without nicotine
Puffs: 700+
Battery capacity: 550 mAh
Filling volume: 2 ml
Suitable for: experienced users, addicted smokers, beginning users, light smokers

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