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Banana Ice – Aroma King – Nicotine free (600 puffs)

Aroma King600 puffsAroma KingDisposable vapeNicotine free

Banana ice quintessential ripe yellow bananas with a mild flavour that increases in sweetness with every bite. Thrown into a blender with ice and blitzed into a creamy frothy banana smoothie.

Approx 600+ Puffs
0MG Free From Nicotine

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The only disposable device to be prefilled with premium Aroma King e-liquid flavourings, the Aroma King’s Nicotine Free Range Vape Pens, provides up to 600 puffs – the Vape Pen is rather a popular choice due to it being nicotine free. ideal to use when transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

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