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Espresso – Aroma King – 700+ puffs

Aroma King500+ puffsDisposable vapeWith filter

Aroma King Hybrid – Espresso Vape & Vaping Disposable Pods

For all espresso fanatics, espresso is a unique combination of coffee with a very smooth and delicious flavour.


Brand: Aroma King
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 700
Flavours: Drinks
Tags: Espresso
Nicotine: 20mg

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The only disposable device to be prefilled with premium Aroma King e-liquid flavourings, the Aroma King Vape Pen provides up to 700 puffs – the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes, the Vape Pen is ideal to use when transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

With each flavour reformulated to complement the battery, output wattage and coil resistance of the disposable, Aroma King Vape Pen delivers the ultimate vaping experience.

What’s included:
1 Device with 3 Filters

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